Interface MeshApiInterface

The Mesh API encapsulates object that concerns mesh loading.


  • MeshApiInterface


  • Given URL path the method will recursively load the .gltf file content.


    • path: string

      URL with .gltf root file.

    • onLoad: ((groups: Group[]) => void)

      Called when the mesh is loaded with groups argument.

        • (groups: Group[]): void
        • Parameters

          • groups: Group[]

          Returns void

    Returns void

  • This method sets request headers for instance the authorization token etc.


    • requestHeader: { [header: string]: string }

      dictionary with headers to set.

      • [header: string]: string

    Returns void

  • If provided, the callback will be passed to each resource URL before a request is sent. The callback may return the original URL, or a new URL to override loading behavior. This behavior can be used to load assets from .ZIP files, drag-and-drop APIs, and Data URIs.


    • Optional callback: ((url: string) => string)

      URL modifier callback. Called with url argument, and must return resolved URL.

        • (url: string): string
        • Parameters

          • url: string

          Returns string

    Returns void

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