Interface SidebarMenuItemInterface

Item of the side menu


  • SidebarMenuItemInterface


getClass?: (() => string)

Type declaration

    • (): string
    • Class applied to the menu item element in the DOM

      Returns string

Info of an icon displayed in the menu

isFullscreen: boolean

Whether or not the menu item should be fullscreen

isPreviewIconVisible?: (() => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (): boolean
    • Condition of the preview icon's visibility

      Returns boolean

isVisible: (() => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (): boolean
    • Condition of the item's visibility

      Returns boolean

Child items

onClick?: (() => void)

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Action performed when clicking the menu item

      Returns void

onExit?: (() => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (): boolean
    • Action performed when leaving the menu item (going back, switching items, closing menu). Returning true blocks an actual side menu action.

      Returns boolean

order?: number

Order of the item inside the side menu. A lower value goes to the top.

template?: string

Path to the menu template (absolute or relative)

title: string

Title displayed in the menu

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