Interface ViewServiceInterface

Service that provides functionality that extends beyond a single view


  • ViewServiceInterface


allowPointCloudActivation: boolean

Whether to automatically show point clouds when no panorama is available. True by default.

onTransitionEnd: Signal<TransitionEndHandler>

Signal that is emitted when a transition has completed

onTransitionStart: Signal<TransitionStartHandler>

Signal that is emitted when a transition to a new location is started

showSecondaryView: boolean

Whether to show the secondary view window or not.

viewSwapAllowed: boolean

Whether to show the button that swaps the primary and secondary view window.


  • Set the ViewType to be shown in the primary view window.


    Returns void

  • Swaps the content displayed in the primary and the secondary view window.

    Returns void

  • Update the HTML UI by triggering an Angular digest cycle.

    Usually the change detection is run automatically. In some rare cases, e.g. when changing the application state in a render callback, it is not run automatically and this method has to be called in order to update the UI.

    Returns void

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