JavaScript / TypeScript API Documentation

The NavVis IVION JavaScript / TypeScript API enables you to customize your NavVis IVION instances by embedding them in another web page using Javascript / Typescript or via <iframe>.

TypeScript API is still backward compatible with the JavaScript API. TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript. This enables API users to develop in a strongly-typed environment, preventing writing erroneous code which might cause unforeseen errors in the future.

The IvionInterface interface provides high-level functionality to customize and automate any specific NavVis IVION instance.

MainViewInterface and AbstractViewInterface afford a more direct control over the main 3D view where the panorama images are rendered. You can also add your own 3D data layers to this view. SceneLayerInterface describes how to construct 3D layers and how to react to events on the MainView. Event callbacks can also be added directly to 3D mesh objects inside this layer. This is elaborated in the documentation for the MouseEventReceiverInterface class below.

Third Party Frameworks and Libraries

Additionally the compatible versions of the following third-party frameworks and libraries are exposed under window.IV:

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