Interface FilterInterface

Filter builder, to be used with filter



  • Return only items that are inside the specified bounding box.


    • xMin: number

      Lower X coordinate.

    • yMin: number

      Lower Y coordinate.

    • xMax: number

      Upper X coordinate.

    • yMax: number

      Upper Y coordinate.

    Returns FilterInterface

  • Return the specified maximum number of items.


    • limit: number

      Maximum number of items to return.

    Returns FilterInterface

  • Skip the specified number of items.


    • offset: number

      Number of items to skip.

    Returns FilterInterface

  • Return only items that are inside the specified site model entity.

    Multiple entities can be provided, the item has to be contained in only one of them. Specify undefined to include items that are in no site model entity.

    This method can be called multiple times.


    Returns FilterInterface

  • Sort results by the specific field name.


    • field: string

      Field name to sort by.

    Returns FilterInterface

  • Regularly subsample the list of items returned.


    use with items with non-sequential IDs might lead to inconsistent results


    • step: number

      Step size, where 1 returns every item, 2 returns every other item, etc.

    Returns FilterInterface

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