Interface PoiFilterInterface

Filter builder for POIs, to be used with filter



  • Return only items with an attribute value matching the specified values.

    If multiple attribute key value pairs are supplied, only points of interest that have attribute values matching ALL key value pairs in the dictionary are returned.


    • attributes: Dictionary<string>

      The attribute values

    Returns PoiFilterInterface

  • Return only items that are inside the specified bounding box.


    • xMin: number

      Lower X coordinate.

    • yMin: number

      Lower Y coordinate.

    • xMax: number

      Upper X coordinate.

    • yMax: number

      Upper Y coordinate.

    Returns PoiFilterInterface

  • Regularly subsample the list of items returned.


    use with items with non-sequential IDs might lead to inconsistent results


    • step: number

      Step size, where 1 returns every item, 2 returns every other item, etc.

    Returns PoiFilterInterface

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